Terça-feira, dia um de novembro

Boa noite! What are the opposites to these words? antes, cedo, de manha, futuro
Tip: Learning words in groups is more meaningful, and helps you to ‘fix’ them better. Opposites are often a really good way, and you can make up sentences to practise them easily. E.g. É fácil aprender portugues/ Nao é difícil aprender portugues

Domingo, dia trinta de outubro

Boa noite!  Which of these words refer to the past (passado), persent (presente) and future (futuro)?  amanhã, agora, ontem, hoje, anteontem, daqui a quinze dias
Tip: in English we say a fortnight (forteen nights), but in Portuguese they say quinze dias (fifteen days).  Two different ways of saying the same thing!