Quinta-feira, dia dez de novembro

Boa tarde! Quando o sol brilha e também há chuva podemos ver um arco-íris. What can we see?
Tip: Verb dictionaries can be useful for those learning languages. You’ll find verbs conjugated in the different tenses, which is very handy to double check you’re right, and also to check the meaning of a conjugated verb too (as only the infinitive is in a normal dictionary)

Sábado, dia cinco de novembro

Bom dia! Acho que vai chover. (=I think it’s going to rain) What’s the sky like? coberto ou limpo?
Tip: Have fun :) Learning a language is hard work, but it’s fun! You’re end goal is to understand and communicate with people, and you can have a lot of fun practising Portuguese with Portuguese people, who are incredibly patient and understanding. Don’t worry about not knowing everything. Let’s face it, you never will! So have fun finding out new things and meeting new people!