segunda-feria, dia cinco de dezembo

Bom dia! Which of these things are not postive: felicidade, inveja, saúde, simpatia, amor
Tip: Need to get more confidence speaking? Often, going out and speaking Portuguese by yourself (without a friend/helper to listen to you speaking, or to fall back on) is exactly what you need to do to gain confidence. You’ll be surprised at how well you get on ! :)

sexta-feira, dia dois de dezembro

Boa noite! Novo tema esta semana – amizade. Os amigos são importantes porque…. How would you complete this sentence?
Tip: All objects and living things have gender in Portuguese (masculine/feminine) If you’re talking about a group of things that is a mixture of masculine and feminine, we use the masculine plural (as in the example above – os amigos can be a mixture of men and women)